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Who Created The First High Performance After Market Exhaust For Sale

George Porter created the first high performance after market exhaust that became available for sale. The history of aftermarket automotive parts dates to the early 1900s when car enthusiasts began modifying their vehicles for better performance and sound. One of the most popular modifications was the addition of an aftermarket muffler, which could improve the exhaust note of a vehicle and increase its power output.


In 1931, a man named George Porter began experimenting with muffler designs in his garage in Los Angeles, California. His goal was to create a muffler that would reduce engine noise without sacrificing performance. After several months of trial and error, he developed a muffler that he believed was superior to anything on the market.


Porter began selling his mufflers to other car enthusiasts in the area, and the positive word of mouth quickly spread. Many people began to realize the several benefits that came with installing an aftermarket muffler (beyond just the sound improvement). Increased performance is one benefit, the idea that because of the reduction of backpressure it can slightly increase horsepower and torque, improving the overall performance of your vehicle while at the same time improving fuel efficiency. Another benefit was that the aftermarket mufflers are made from the lightweight material- stainless steel, which can reduce the overall weight of the application, which can in turn improve the handling and responsiveness of your vehicle.


Before long, George was receiving orders from all over the country, and he realized that he had the potential to turn his muffler business into a full-time venture. In 1933, George Porter officially founded the Porter Mufflers company, and he began manufacturing his mufflers on a larger scale. The early Porter mufflers were, and continue to be made by hand, with each unit being carefully constructed and inspected for quality. Many would argue that to this day Porter Mufflers are superior to anything on the market due to their durable construction and American-sourced materials. Porter Mufflers is proud to be an all-American made company.


Porter mufflers were the first sold after-market exhaust. They also were known for their distinctive sound, which was deeper and more aggressive, providing what every hot rod enthusiast was looking for. The sound was achieved through a combination of innovative design features, including an internal baffle system that reduced backpressure and increased airflow.


As the popularity of Porter mufflers grew, the company began to expand its product line to include a wider range of mufflers and exhaust components. In the 1950s and 60s, Porter mufflers became a staple of the hot rod and drag racing scenes, and the company continued to innovate with new designs and materials. The muffler’s have kept their same core design, but have adjusted body length, inlet/outlet diameter sizes, body diameters and more to better accommodate applications including hot rods, sports cars, racing applications, motorcycles, trucks and more!!!


Today, Porter Mufflers is still going strong, more than 80 years after its founding. The company offers a wide range of mufflers, exhaust components, and other performance parts for a variety of vehicles, and it continues to be a favorite of car enthusiasts around the world. George Porter is a prime example of the fact that amazing things can happen in small garages. His innovative muffler quickly gained popularity, leading him to find the Porter Mufflers company and revolutionize the automotive aftermarket industry.