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by Porter Mufflers

Porter Truck Muffler

Select Inlet/Outlet Diameter


Each Original Porter Muffler is handmade using heavy-duty 16 gauge aluminized tubing. Our uniquely designed interior chamber is fitted with a gapped steel spiral core and packed with stainless steel wool to channel the exhaust and make that distinctive Porter Muffler sound. Once inspected, each Porter Muffler is painted with its signature blue paint to protect it from the elements. To continue our tradition of quality, each Porter Muffler is handmade using only the best heavy gauge and high-quality steel products sourced in the U.S.A.



Inlet/Outlet Diameter

Body Diameter

Part Number
Ceramic-Painted Blue 5.00 2.75 PM50275
Ceramic-Painted Blue 5.00 3.00 PM50300
Ceramic-Painted Blue 5.00 3.50 PM50350
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