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About Porter Mufflers High Performance Mufflers

Our History…

Porter Mufflers was started in 1931 by the Porter brothers in Los Angeles and for generations the same basic design has proven itself to be the best performance muffler available. When you have a product that’s just about perfect the worst thing you can do is change it so we have never felt the need to, “reinvent the wheel.” Ownership of the company has changed, materials advances have been incorporated, and the vehicles they have been used on have definitely changed but our bottom-line has always been quality and performance.

The Giovannoni Speed Shop, circa 1955, was quite famous for their cams and their ads

best hot rod muffler


It doesn’t matter if you’re driving a flat-head powered ’32 Deuce Coupe, a big-block musclecar, a turbo-powered import, a high-tech late-model pony car, or a trail-blazing 4×4 no other muffler will free-up more horsepower than a Porter Muffler. We have been the performance standard by which other mufflers are judged for over 80 years!

Performance is also about longevity and Porter Mufflers are the most durable performance muffler you can install on a performance vehicle. There are more than a few that were installed in the 50’s and 60’s that are still being used to this day and some Porter Muffler owners will remove the mufflers when they sell their ride for use on their next car!

Porter Mufflers installed in 1968, still in use today!

"I have a 1951 CJ3A Jeep which I have owned since 1968. Not too long after I bought it someone told me about Porter Mufflers and I had them [the actual Porter Brothers] install a dual exhaust system with their mufflers on the Jeep. To say they performed well is an understatement. My Jeep has been through the world-famous Rubicon Jeep trail at least 100 times since and has also been to Baja twice and to Moab, Utah to challenge the sandstone cliffs there. We finally moved from California in 1997 to the southern Oregon coast and now the mufflers are accosted by the sand and the salty Pacific Ocean water at the beach. Still, they continue to perform!"

Porter Mufflers Today…

best american made steel packed muffler

Look for us at larger national car shows!

You’ll hear us say it and we mean it, Porter Mufflers are the absolute best performance muffler you can install. No other muffler available offers a better combination of exhaust flow, sound quality, heat dispersion, interior comfort, and long-term durability than the Porter Muffler products. Porter Muffler is owned and staffed by auto enthusiasts with high-octane blood running through our veins and we want the same thing our customers want in our products, quality!

Other muffler companies will continue to use gimmicks to sell you the same product every year, other companies will sell you foreign-made products of inferior quality, and other companies will make claims that have no backing.

best high performance muffler

(Our Headquarters)

Porter Mufflers promises to continue growing our legacy of performance that started back in 1931.

This is our promise to you, the enthusiast!
-The Porter Muffler Team