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• Founded 1931 •

Durability Meets Performance.

We have been the performance standard by which other mufflers are judged for over 80 years! Shop Porter
• American Made •

High Performance Mufflers

"When you have a product that’s just about perfect the worst thing you can do is change it so we have never felt the need to."

High-Performance Steel Pack Mufflers

Offering high-quality mufflers, exhaust kits, and accessories that are proudly made in the USA.

Choose between 16-gauge seamless aluminized steel or 304-grade stainless steel bodies for your Porter Muffler. Both styles feature 12-gauge welded steel end caps and a spiral steel core.

Our spiral cores are wrapped with American-made materials, proudly manufactured in Wisconsin. Experience the dynamic sound of Porter Mufflers – the louder you press the 'go pedal,' the more intense the sound. Release the gas, and the sound mellows back out, providing a comfortable and quiet ride.

No Drone Feature: Cruise in Comfort

Thanks to the heavy construction of Porter Mufflers, you can enjoy a 'no drone' feature that guarantees comfortable cruising for years to come. Invest in a high-quality, American-made exhaust system that perfectly balances performance and comfort.

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Porter Mufflers: Defining The Iconic American Auto Sound Since 1931

Looking For That Classic Sound?

We've got you covered.


Porter Mufflers

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The First Aftermarket Muffler.

That's right. The Porter Brothers nailed it when they decided to create a better muffler than what was being sold on the vehicles. While some say "they don't make em' like they used to" we still do and always will. You can't beat perfection and you certainly can't beat the Porter Muffler sound.

Porter Mufflers Reviews

Porters sound great, especially with no tail pipes. Definitely that back to the fifties kinda sound.


I have a 1951 CJ3A Jeep which I have owned since 1968. Not too long after I bought it someone told me about Porter Mufflers and I had them [the actual Porter Brothers] install a dual exhaust system with their mufflers on the Jeep. To say they performed well is an understatement. My Jeep has been through the world-famous Rubicon Jeep trail at least 100 times since and has also been to Baja twice and to Moab, Utah to challenge the sandstone cliffs there. We finally moved from California in 1997 to the southern Oregon coast and now the mufflers are accosted by the sand and the salty Pacific Ocean water at the beach. Still, they continue to perform!

1951 CJ3A JeepOwner

We've used many of these mufflers over the years. They look great and sound great. Perfect for early cars and trucks that retain their vintage power plants.... in my opinion. 


Can't beat Porters on a Flathead Ford V8 ! 


That sound... that pitch .. that tone .. whatever you want to call it... is perfect!

Youtube CommentCustomer

WOW, you can actually hear the engine over the mufflers lol. Sounds great!!!! I will be installing a set on my Ls3/6L80 03' Crown Vic Police Interceptor swap. When I get her done!!!! I can't wait.

Youtube Comment