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Race Resonators

SKU: PM403007
Select Race Inlet/Outlet

Body Length- 7" Overall Length 10"

The Porter Muffler race resonator is typically used on
high horsepower and racing applications. Our mufflers
meet most sanctioned race rules while allowing you to
keep your engine’s horsepower. These are perfect for
2-into-1 exhaust or big HP engines

Please Note: The internal pass through diameter differs from the body diameter. For more information call us (763)-767-4480 


Inlet/Outlet Diameter

Body Diameter
Part Number
Ceramic-Painted Blue 3.00 4.00 PM403007
Ceramic-Painted Blue 4.00 5.00 PM504007
Ceramic-Painted Blue 5.00 6.00 PM605007
0 / 0