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Muffler Model Guide

Want to be Porter-equipped but confused about what muffler model is right for you?  We want to get the right Porter Muffler in your hands and on your ride as fast as possible!  Use this handy guide to make sense of our original Porter Muffler brand model numbers.

 muffler diagram

Examples:  PM-35-200



First, the outside finish – what’s your personal preference?

PM = The muffler that started it all.  These models feature our iconic, blue ceramic-painted aluminized steel finish.

SSPM = For a different look and some extra protection in a harsher environment, choose our 304 polished stainless steel finish.


The next digits represent body diameter:  35 = 3.5 inch, 40 = 4 inch, and so on and so forth.  Porter Mufflers come in 2.5”, 2.75”, 3.0”, 3.5”, and 4.0” specifications with even a 5” and 6” body diameter measurement available on our race resonators.  Not all body diameters come in all body lengths so pay close attention.


Next up is your inlet/outlet diameter.  In our examples above:  225 = 2.25 inch and 200 = 2 inch.  We also produce mufflers with inlet/outlet diameters of 1.75”, 2.5”, 3”, and 4”.  Again, not all muffler models come in all sizes BUT we’re here to help so if you’ve got a need that doesn’t come out of the box, please give us a shout!


More numbers?  You’re looking at body length.  Our Original Porter Mufflers come with a ‘standard’ body length of 20 inches (overall length of 26 inches.)  However, our Porter Muffler ‘shorty’ mufflers are exactly the same sauce but feature a 14” body length to accommodate applications that require a tighter fit.  People love ‘em.


Lastly, Porter offers two options for your offset needs – either 11 degrees (in our SKU example above) or 17 degrees.  If you are currently using a flat, oval-style turbo muffler and cannot change the pipe routing to accommodate, the ‘shorty offset’ muffler is the answer!

 offset muffler diagram

11 Degree Offset

 11degree offset muffler11degree offset muffler different angle

17 Degree Offset

17 degree offset muffler17 degree offset muffler different angle


More questions?  We’re here to help – please contact us!