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Select A Muffler

To select a muffler there is a lot of varying factors. Engine size, manifold vs headers, stock vs modified, and the list goes on... Remember every engine is different. Every vehicle is different. Every exhaust is different. Every person hears sounds differently. With all that said this is a base line guide/recommendation for you. Couple things that are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. To get the best sound from your Porter Mufflers is the exhaust exit… Yes, where/how you exit your exhaust is very important to the quality of sound you get from your vehicle. Porter Mufflers prides itself on “NO DRONE”. Due to our heavy-duty construction of our products, we do not get that annoying drone that some other manufactures have. One thing to help is to exit your exhaust one of 2 ways. First, out the back (straight out or 90 degrees behind rear tires) or at minimum out the side in front of the rear tire. But make sure either way the sound is not exiting and getting trapped under the vehicle. Muffler selection, Big Block and LS style motors are 2.5” to 3” mufflers. Small horsepower V8s (stock 350s) usually 2.25” to 2.5” mufflers. 283ci/straight 6 engines Flathead Fords and lower use 2” to 1.75” mufflers.

Now I know these above RECOMMENDATIONS are based around GM engines. These are only used for examples as far as displacement goes. So please equate your engine as far as cubic inch/liters and above information to make your best-informed decision so may get your ride Porter Equipped. And if you still need assistance just reach out and one of our team members will be happy to help.