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At Huttner Enterprises in Dayton, MN, we rely on Porter Mufflers for their exceptional quality and unique sound. As a performance shop, we understand the importance of using high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship to help our clients achieve their performance goals, and Porter Mufflers consistently deliver on both fronts.

The sound produced by Porter Mufflers is like no other, providing a distinct tone that adds to the overall performance and aesthetics of our clients' builds. We have received countless compliments from our clients on the sound and performance of their vehicles after installing Porter Mufflers.

The materials used in the construction of Porter Mufflers are top-notch, ensuring durability and longevity. This is especially important for our clients who use their vehicles for racing or other high-performance activities, as they need products that can withstand the rigors of constant use and abuse.

The expert craftsmanship behind Porter Mufflers is also evident in the attention to detail and precision in each product. The result is a muffler that not only performs exceptionally but looks great as well.

We highly recommend Porter Mufflers for any performance build. The quality, sound, craftsmanship, and materials are unmatched, and our clients have been consistently satisfied with the results.

Huttner EnterprisesDayton, MN

I have a 1951 CJ3A Jeep which I have owned since 1968. Not too long after I bought it someone told me about Porter Mufflers and I had them [the actual Porter Brothers] install a dual exhaust system with their mufflers on the Jeep. To say they performed well is an understatement. My Jeep has been through the world-famous Rubicon Jeep trail at least 100 times since and has also been to Baja twice and to Moab, Utah to challenge the sandstone cliffs there. We finally moved from California in 1997 to the southern Oregon coast and now the mufflers are accosted by the sand and the salty Pacific Ocean water at the beach. Still, they continue to perform!


Can't beat Porters on a Flathead Ford V8 ! 


Daryl Varney was incredibly knowledgeable and super friendly. Porter Mufflers is lucky to have this guy. You know you're getting top knotch product and service after a conversation with Daryl and he even let our daughter drive Betsy! 5 stars all the way.

N Huffaker

Quality great sounding product made here in the USA

K. Davis

Quality workmanship, great sound

T Fairbanks

I love the sound of my Porter mufflers!!! Plus, I got rid of the drone my old mufflers made at highway speeds. A great handmade American product!!! Try em, you'll love em."



"The absolute best sounding mufflers I have ever heard!"


"Awesome old Sounding Mufflers!!"


Porters sound great, especially with no tail pipes. Definitely that back to the fifties kinda sound.


I love Porters but don't know if I would describe it as a muscle car sound. For the muscle cars of my youth it was Cherry Bombs. Porters are mellower not obnoxious.


Porter mufflers are the best. Go to their web page or google, youtube porter mufflers to hear them on different motors,and vehicles. That's how I chose Porters....


These things have awesome sound and are quality made. Have a nice rumble at idle and are all business when your on the gas. I have them on a '73 Ford F100 with a 302, added an H pipe with the exhaust system and balanced it out perfect.


This muffler sounds amazing. Has a very distinct throaty sound abd is not ridiculously loud. I put it on a dwarf with a 2015 gsxr 1000