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Angle Cut Tip Kits

SKU: ATK302758
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We have developed affordable aftermarket exhaust tip kits for your truck. Our angle cut exhaust tips are made out of 16 gauge 304 stainless steel and are buffed to a mirror finish. Also, the inlets are swedged down, not welded eliminating the possibility of product failure due to corrosion of the weld. Completing the kit is the stainless steel clamp that looks great and will have your exhaust tips installed in minutes.


Length size & inlet/outlet diameters varies based off part number. Use our chart below or call us if you have any questions.



Inlet Diameter

Body Diameter
Polished Tip Length/Overall Length  
Part Number
Stainless Steel 2.75 3.00

Tip: 8"

Overall: 11"

Stainless Steel


Tip: 18"

Overall: 21"



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