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Porter Mufflers is a well-known manufacturer of performance exhaust systems that has been in business for over 85 years. The company was founded by brothers George and John Porter in 1931 in their garage in California. The Porter Brothers were passionate about cars and racing and saw a need for high-performance exhaust systems that were not available in the market at the time. They began experimenting with various designs and materials until they developed their first successful product, the Porter Muffler. This was the first aftermarket exhaust system that offered both increased performance and a distinct sound. The company quickly gained popularity among the racing community and expanded to offer a wide range of exhaust systems for various vehicles. Today, Porter Mufflers continues to innovate and produce top-quality exhaust systems for performance enthusiasts worldwide.

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Sandy Belond:

high performance muffler

Upon returning, Sandy initially worked for Porter Mufflers until he was able to rent the apartment and car lift behind Karl and Veda Orr’s Speed shop. Come 1947, Southern California Muffler Corporation was born and over time grew into Belond Exhaust.

As Belond Exhaust, Sandy eventually had over 2000 dealerships selling the Belond EquaFlow Exhaust Systems. He went on to own and sponsor cars in the Indy 500, eventually winning in 1957 and 1958. As if that wasn’t enough, he was partial owner of Southern California’s Carlsbad Raceway.

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